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First Step BTOP Update

First Step begins construction and initial completion of its middle mile paths.

Finally, we are underway with the construction of the 5 County BTOP project.  Now that we are actually building towers and turning up new middle mile bandwith and infrastructure, postings will be more frequent as we keep you informed of our progress.  At this point, this is what we have completed.

We have prepared and poured the foundations for 7 of the 10 planned tower site.  Additionally, we have completed the construction of 3 of the physical towers.  Those 3 sites should be active within a month.  We have also installed the first paths that are directly benefiting the Community Anchor Institutions in our project plan.  We have connected 3 schools and one library thus far.  With the better weather and tower work completed, we look forward to completing the installations for the remaning Community Anchor Institutions as well as middle paths over the next several months.  As a note, the project is a 3 year project and not all of it can or will be completed at once.  Please check back with us frequently to learn about more updates and benefits of this network.  You can always call or email us for specific information as well.  As always, we thank you for your support and appreciate your continued interest in our project.

Kevin Owen



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