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First Step has been busy these past few months continuing to build out the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Grant. Although this time of year poses some challenges due to weather, our wireless technicians have been diligent in building nine out of ten new towers. Construction is approximately 57% completed. All new microwave paths should be completed by late August 2012.

Grangeville - Emergency Responders Meeting

First Step Internet gave a presentation to the Community of Grangeville at the Emergency Responders Council Meeting. The presentation explained the purpose and reach of the project and how it will impact emergency response teams in the Clearwater, Latah, Nez Perce, Lewis and Idaho Counties.

Craigmont City Council Meeting

Went to City Council meeting to present and communicate the benefits of broadband access expansion and the start of construction projects.

First Step BTOP Update

First Step begins construction and initial completion of its middle mile paths.

First Step announces Professional Services RFP

Today First Step Internet, LLC announces the posting of a RFQ for Professional Services for the program specific audit requirement of the BTOP award.  Please visit and follow the links to vendors for the specific RFQ.  Questions should be directed to

First Step announces another bid opportunity in support of BTOP project

First Step Internet, LLC is seeking bids for an all-terrain tracked service vehicle.

First Step announces new Vendor bid opportunity

First Step Internet, LLC is now accepting bids for a service vehicle.

First Step Internet, LLC opens the BTOP bidding process

First Step Internet, LLC announces the opening of the BTOP project bidding.

8/19/2010 First Step Internet BTOP progress on wireless infrastructure project

First Step updates current progress on the BTOP 5 county wireless infrastructure project.

First Step BTOP Progress Blog

First Step Internet, LLC announces new Blog to keep interested parties informed of their progress concerning their $2.9 million wireless infrastructure project.
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